The gastric band is a restrictive surgery, consisting of the placement of a silicone implant in the upper part of the stomach (esophagastric junction) is performed through laparoscopic surgery creating limited gastric capacity, which generates early satiety in the patient.

The food goes to the rest of the stomach and then to the intestine where all the nutrients are absorbed. The gastric band is connected by a tube to an access port, where “adjustments” of the band are made, this procedure is done in the X-ray room, it is done by means of an injection of saline solution in the port of access , in this way the infallible balloon of the band can restrict the amount of food that the patient can consume to reach his goal in weight loss.

The average weight loss in 12 months is around 50%.


  • It is performed laparoscopic surgery through small incisions of about 2 cm.
  • The stomach in this surgery remains intact, not cut or staples are applied, this decreases the risk of bleeding, perforation and leakage of stomach.
  • The adjustability of the band is customized according to lifestyle needs and weight loss of each patient.
  • In case of pregnancy, only it recommended loosen the band and can take normally can be adjusted again at the end of lactation.
  • No risk of malnutrition, food, vitamins and minerals are absorbed normally.
  • The access port adjustability is not visible, this sutured in the muscle of the abdominal wall.