Now Bariatric surgery assisted with Robotics Dr. López Corvala always at the forefront of bariatric surgery. The only Da Vinci Robotic system in the region is at Hospital Angeles Tijuana.

The Da Vinci robotic system has been approved by the FDA since 2000, designed for use in laparoscopic surgeries in Bariatric, Urological, Gynecological and General Surgery procedures. In Mexico there is Robot Da Vinci in the City of Mexico, Monterrey, Guadalajara and now in the Angeles Tijuana Hospital.

It allows the movements of the surgeon’s hands to translate into smaller and more precise movements of the instruments inside the patient’s body. One of the instruments is a laparoscope: a thin tube with a small camera and light at the end. The camera sends images to a video monitor in the operating room to guide the doctors during surgery.

With the Da Vinci system the Surgeon is 100% in control of the robot throughout the procedure and the advantages for the surgeon are:

  • Vision in third dimension and in high definition of the abdominal cavity.
  • Use of instruments with the ability to bend and rotate 360 degrees, much more reach than the movements of the hand.
  • Provides magnified vision within the patient’s body, greater precision and control.
  • In the console the surgeon operates comfortably seated and has the vision of an enlarged three-dimensional image to the interior of the body.
  • To practice the operation, the specialist uses the master controls that respond to his orders in real time, reproduce the movements of his hands, wrists and fingers, and turn them into precise movements of the miniature instruments.
  • The system cannot be programmed nor can it make decisions independently, since it requires a direct order from the surgeon to perform each surgical maneuver.

The benefits for the patient:

  • Lower risk of gastrointestinal fistulas and leaks
  • Lower risk of conversion to open surgery
  • A shorter hospital stay.
  • Less pain and risk of infection.
  • Less blood loss.
  • Fewer transfusions.
  • Small scars.
  • A faster recovery and a quicker return to daily activities.

As the movement is more precise and have better vision quality, the risks of a wrong maneuver are minimal, and the risks of accidents are reduced to almost zero.

Robotic surgery combines surgical skill and robotic technology like never before, which allows to offer an effective and less invasive treatment option for various ailments.

Best candidates for bariatric surgery robot assisted are:

Gastric bypass, and revisional cases as these are more challenging procedures and require the best precision possible, any bariatric and gastrointestinal procedure can be performed with the robot assistance.