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Due to the high failure rate or relapse in the medical, nutritional and pharmacological treatment it is considered bariatric surgery as a treatment of choice for the management of severe obesity (BMI> 35). Currently surgery is considered as the only effective and lasting treatment for morbid obesity. It is recommended to consider surgical procedures where the surgical and multidisciplinary team trained and appropriate care institution in resources there. These surgical procedures are classified into three types: restrictive, malabsorptive or mixed (combination of restrictive and malabsorptive).

Restrictive procedures are those that reduce stomach capacity, including the gastric band and sleeve gastrectomy.


They should consider the following points: age, sex, type of room, added to obesity pathology, patients expectations and patient preference for the type of surgery performed.

The goal of surgery for obesity is improving the health of the patient. Improving the quality of life and increasing survival. It is not a cosmetic surgery (this is a side effect of weight loss).

Traditional Bariatric Surgery is today the first option for patients with severe obesity.


  • Preoperative studies: Electrocardiogram, chest X-ray and laboratory
  • Preoperative medical evaluation
  • Rating for Psychology
  • Rating for Nutrition and nutritional monitoring
  • Hospitalization 2-3 nights depending on the procedure performed.

We perform the procedures in the Hospital Angeles Tijuana, Hospital certifed by the General Health Council.


Malabsorptive procedures also have restrictive components by reducing gastric capacity, but they also have involvement in the uptake of nutrients by making an intestinal rearrangement, this is the example of gastric bypass.


We perform surgeries at Hospital Angeles Tijuana General Hospital certifed by the Health Council.