A restrictive foundation procedure consisting of a gastric resection of approximately 70 to 80% leaving a narrow tube that generates low volumetric capacity…

Restrictive and malabsorptive procedure, is considered the gold standard of mixed bariatric procedures involves the creation of a gastric reservoir …

A purely restrictive procedure consisting of placing a silicone implant in the esophagus union through laparoscopic intervention…

It’s a treatment for temporary weight loss, which aims to provide satiety by eating less food, in combination with a restrictive diet…

Dr. Juan Antonio López Corvalá

Dr. Juan Antonio López Corvalá is Director of the Bariatric Surgery Program at Hospital Angeles in Tijuana and Chief of the Division of Surgery since 2010.

He’s considered among bariatric surgeons with greater prestige, pioneer of laparoscopic surgery in the region and pioneer of bariatric surgery in México internationally.

He is currently President of the Latin American Chapter of the International Federation LAC IFSO Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases (ifsolac.org).

Former Presiendent of the Mexican College of Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Diseases in 2011 (cmcoem.org.mx) and president of the Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery in 2006 (amce.com.mx).

Hospital Angeles Tijuana is a High Specialty Center certified by the National Board of Health.

Hospital Ángeles Tijuana

Level One Center

The Hospital Angeles Tijuana is accredited as a level one center for surgery weight loss, meaning in bariatric surgery, we provide complete surgical care, we have a high volume of patients and have the experience to handle the most difficult and complex conditions.

Built with the highest standards of medical and hospital care

It is built with the highest standards of medical and hospital care. We are proud of the quality of care we provide, as well as the warm, receptive, and comforting environment we provide to patients and their families.

Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Juan A. Lopez Corvalán was president of the Mexican Association of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases and an expert in laparoscopic surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that offers a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and less pain compared to open surgery.

Dr. Lopez Corvala, has over 20 years experience, and is certified by the Mexican Association for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases.


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